Memorable trips
without the planning hassle?

The creators of the Ned-App lived it at their expense. To discover the places they were visiting in depth, they chose to use local "greeters". A "greeter" is a passionate and welcoming inhabitant who wishes to share his or her taste for his or her city. Often free of charge. But to benefit from these personalized services, it is essential to organize a long time in advance. It is very time-consuming: serious "greeters" are not to be found like that. And since they are volunteers, at the last moment, they can make you stand out. That's what happened to our authenticity-loving travelers. So they turned to traditional guides. The prices were so exorbitant that they ended up declining. The "free tours" remained: but the monotony and the standardization of their explanations made them drop out after 20 minutes.

Welcome Ned!

To ensure the quality of your tourist experience, our disappointed travelers decided to create Ned-app, an application, deployed via a platform, which allows the connection between locals (guides certified by the application) and travelers curious and fond of authentic anecdotes. In concrete terms, the traveler who wants to treat himself to an intelligent tour of the place he is visiting opens the application. A map appears with guides scattered (populated) on it. Depending on the interests (cultural, historical, artistic, original activities or nightlife), the user chooses his NeD guide and together they "match". They then arrange their meeting place to start the visit.

Reasons to pick Ned!

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